Month: Oct 2016

Career and Learning

Preparing for and surviving the exams

“Education is not the passive accumulation of information, passed on by a teacher or a book, but the way in which you orchestrate that information creatively and use it in practice ’’ The human brain has about 100 billion active neurons or nerve cells. Each one grows branches like a tree, to store information and…


The 2016 MANCOSA Johannesburg Graduation – Appreciating the real significance of the event

On the 7th of October 2016, MANCOSA delivered a successful graduation ceremony wherein approximately 940 degrees, diplomas and certificates were conferred. The graduation ceremony took place at the prestigious Hilton hotel in Johannesburg. The event comprised of three sessions to accommodate the large number of graduates and their guests. By all accounts this occasion is…


MBA students embark on the annual International Study Tour to Shanghai

The Shanghai Study Tour 2016, was the fourth delegation of students embarking on the study tour to the Peoples Republic of China. The objective of the study tour is to expose students to cutting-edge business developments, various cultural differences and differing ideologies. The study tour offered students a firsthand experience of the business culture in…