Programme Code: SAQA-97823 - NQF level 7 - Credits 360

The Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management is an undergraduate degree that responds to the needs of students and the community through providing appropriate training in retail management and business skills. A qualification in retail management will provide skills and knowledge relating to the functions and management of a retail business and the key issues associated with understanding retail trading and environments. It will allow for making changes in the retail environment from a corporate perspective.

Retail managers focus on their customers’ experience within their store. They ensure that their products are merchandised for maximum exposure and that their employees are trained in excellent customer service and salesman skills.

The programme content is designed to provide qualifiers with graduate-level knowledge, specific skills and applied competence (including the development of graduate attitudes and qualities). By studying retail management opportunities exist for continued personal intellectual growth, gainful economic activity and rewarding contributions to society.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Interpret economic realities within South African retail organisational contexts;
  • Apply general business management principles taking into account social, ethical and cultural considerations;
  • Communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders using a variety of communication tools;
  • Gather and manage retail management information appropriately;
  • Display knowledge of the functional areas of management;
  • Understand the legal framework in which businesses operate;
  • Understand the different market segments, customer profiles and buying habits applicable to the retail industry;
  • Apply retail marketing knowledge taking into account social, ethical and cultural considerations;
  • Focus on store management processes both strategically and operationally;
  • Understand and coordinate effective customer service principles;
  • Identify key financial issues important to the business;
  • Contribute to the planning and control of the finance of a retail business;
  • Manage employee performance to achieve specific objectives in a retail environment;
  • Manage all aspects of the retail supply chain to achieve specific objectives in a retail environment;
  • Manage all operational aspects of retail stores.

Duration: 3 years

Year Semester Description
1 1 Retail Management 1A
Economics 1A
Business Management 1A
Business Mathematics
2 Retail Management 1B
Economics 1B
Business Management 1B
Business Communication
2 1 Retail Management 2A
Business Management 2A
Management Accounting
Business and Consumer Law
2 Retail Management 2B
Business Management 2B
Computing Applications
Financial Accounting Principles
3 1 Retail Management 3A
Business Management 3A
Business Management 3B
Retail Management 3B
2 Retail Management 3C
Retail Management 3D
Statistical Techniques in Business
Information Management 3D

  • The minimum entry requirement is the National Senior Certificate or National Certificate Vocational with appropriate subject combinations and levels of achievement; or
  • An equivalent NQF level 4 qualification with proven proficiency in English; or
  • A Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate or Diploma.