School of Healthcare (SOH)

School of
Healthcare (SOH)

Skills Required for an Increasingly Complex Health System

MANCOSA has launched a brand new School of Healthcare (SOH) to address the Continuous Professional Development needs of healthcare workers in the country.

Backed by MANCOSA’s 27 years of experience in distance and online higher education, the School of Healthcare will serve to meet the ever-changing demands placed on South Africa’s fragile, yet resilient and complex health workforce.

The school intends to meet the up-skilling needs of 21st-century South African healthcare workers in a post-pandemic world

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the education and training needs of the overall healthcare workforce. Upskilling, reskilling and continuous professional development is necessary across all healthcare functions. MANCOSA intends to empower the healthcare workforces to remain attuned and responsive to the needs of future healthcare systems

The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts a global workforce shortage of approximately 18 million healthcare workers by 2030, with South African statistics being even more concerning. The timing of this launch is critical because of the global major shifts experienced across healthcare, as highlighted by a recent report from Deloitte.

“By 2040, healthcare, as we know it today, will no longer exist. There will be a fundamental shift from healthcare to health.And while disease will never be eliminated, through science, data, and technology, we will be able to identify it earlier, intervene proactively, and better understand its progression to help consumers more effectively and actively sustain their well-being. The future will focus on wellness and management by companies that assume new roles to drive value in the transformed health ecosystem.”

Re-imagined Programmes to Better Equip Healthcare Professionals for a Post-Pandemic World

The fundamental shifts in the global healthcare sector mean that the healthcare workforce will need to be upskilled and re-skilled in order to meet increasingly complex demands.

MANCOSA’s SOH will contribute to the development of a future-ready healthcare workforce initially through a range of futuristic short learning programmes covering a wide range of healthcare-related topics. MANCOSA is currently in the process of rolling out healthcare-related formal learning programmes such as the Higher Certificate in Healthcare Management.

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