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Advanced Diploma in Business Management

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management provides students with advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in the key functional areas of management and business within the commercial environment.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Obtain an understanding of the business and management environments by developing your intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills through an appropriate blend of business and general education.

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship

Provides knowledge, skills and acumen to those aspiring to start their own business or those wishing to contribute to successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management

Learn skills and knowledge relating to the functions and management of a retail business and the key issues associated with understanding retail trading and environments.

Bachelor of Public Administration Honours

Expand your knowledge in the field of public administration with a sound understanding of research methodologies, organisational strategy, structure, systems and organisational culture.

Doctor of Business Administration

Learn and thrive in a dynamic global (knowledge) marketplace that is shaped by geopolitical disruptions, big data analytics, e-commerce, mobile technology and much more.

Higher Certificate in Events Management

Affords students the perfect opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the demanding and competitive industry of events management. This programme offers students the necessary current and practical theory needed to thrive in the work place.

Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management

Provides an ideal platform for school leavers to develop basic human resource administration knowledge, skills and competencies. It offers up-to-date information on domestic and international human resource practices.

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