A Roundtable Discussion on the Development of International Relations of Small Businesses - MANCOSA


A Roundtable Discussion on the Development of International Relations of Small Businesses

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Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management (NSUEM), held a round table discussion with a panel of South African delegates from MANCOSA and Regent Business School on the 21st October 2016, in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The topic of discussion was, “The development of International Communication Services of small businesses, with particular reference to South Africa. “The panel of discussants included, Professor Zaheer Hamid, Director of Mancosa Graduate School of Business [GSB], Professor Osman Mahomed Seedat, Lecturer at Regent Business School, Professor Abdullah Dawood Kadar, Senior Lecturer at MANCOSA and Professor Dilip Garach, Lecturer at The University of KwaZulu Natal.

The forum discussed the main sectors of business areas that small business entrepreneurs in Novosibirsk are currently connected to. These sectors include trade, manufacturing and real estate, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

The main points highlighted during the discussion was on specific functions of how to conduct business in the Republic of South Africa. It focused attention on the fact that the Republic of South Africa has a high percentage of unemployment; therefore government supports the informal sector of economy and small companies in order to create new work opportunities.

In particular, European markets encounter a number of problems, however there are opportunities which the African country offers with promising possibilities.

Professor Zaheer Hamid commented;

“The strong relationship that MANCOSA and Regent Business School has with leading universities in Russia is a remarkable platform to foster stronger ties with education, business and civil society.”

He said, MANCOSA and Regent Business School must be commended for fostering these partnerships and opportunities which gives meaning to the BRICS initiative and strengthen ties between education communities.