Research Colloquium at MANCOSA

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Wide ranging topics under the theme Growth and Development within an African Context will be unpacked at MANCOSA’s research colloquium on October 2, 2013.

Organised by the Research Unit, the colloquium highlights topical issues presented by academics, representatives from the Treasury, community leaders ands graduates. It aims to spark dialogue among delegates on critical issues and it intends to present different perspectives on growth and development in Africa.

The keynote speaker is, Dr C Coetzee, General Manager of the KwaZulu-Natal Treasury who presents a paper titled: Africa Under New Management. His presentation addresses the matter of Africa under new management and the economic geography in KwaZulu-Natal.

According Ms Lorraine Rajagopaul, Research Coordinator the rationale behind the choice of theme was to enable delegates to share and gain knowledge on economic parameters and social economic imperatives.

“The theme of a colloquium is usually kept as broad as possible in order to allow for different scholars, academics or specialists to deliver presentations on diverse, yet focused topics. Each presenter will then entertain questions based on their delivery. Hence, a colloquium is of a dual nature where an address is followed by a question and answer session,” said Ms Rajagopaul.

The Research Unit hopes that knowledge and information gained at the colloquium on the role of economic developers and community stakeholders in building Africa would prompt action in this regard.  “ The colloquium is also designed for networking with government, industry, higher education, and the private sector to create a highly integrated network of stakeholders. It is envisaged that views, opinions, ideas and knowledge will be exchanged in order to deal with current, cutting-edge concerns,” added Ms Rajagopaul.