Postgraduate Boot Camp poses a positive outlook on the start of the 2017 Academic Year

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Aimed at the postgraduate students registered in 2017, Mancosa [GSB] hosted a full interactive programme in Durban on Saturday 21st January. Students from all around KwaZulu Natal filled the Dr Chota Motala Auditorium as they eagerly awaited to hear what their student lives at MANCOSA would be like.

Ms. Bakhetsile Mangena, coordinated the intensive programme which included; a brief welcome and introduction to the college by Professor Yusuf Karodia, who left the audience with food for thought when he said, “Nothing can replace hard work.”

The dynamic academic team was then introduced and students were encouraged to network with the team as this reinforced the continued student support that the institution offers. Mr. Akin Lot, Head of the School of Economics, summarized the benefits of being a student at MANCOSA and included various study techniques and tips that can assist students in completing their qualification within the stipulated timelines.

Mr. Ridwaan Asmal, an academic in Accounting, walked the students through the postgraduate readiness journey, which emphasized how the use of real life experiences, case studies, student support and cutting edge skills are the main points that contribute to quality education. MANCOSA’s postgraduate programme also helps students to develop life skills and open doors for new and to stimulating opportunities. It’s also never too late to further one’s personal growth and to continue studying at any age, said Dr Brian Jarvis, who obtained his doctorate qualification at the age of 65.

With the continued expansion in technology, MANCOSA is also progressing toward online studying resources and introduced the innovative MANCOSA Toolbox. This toolbox includes a welcome pack, orientation video of the institution, introduction to tutors and lecturers, e-modules and 24/7 online assistance.

MANCOSA’s Research Department outlined their role within the organization and emphasized the continued support MANCOSA supervisors provide postgraduate research students. Through custom-made short courses, MANCOSA’s Executive Education Department presented their function in aiding corporates with compiling company suited programmes to breech the skills gap.

Mr. Ahmed Shaik delivered a powerful speech around the global challenges of the 21st century. He said,

“As young people with a focus on the African Country, 500 million young people can contribute greatly to solve our challenges.”

It was then over to the talking drum activity, which energised the students as they participated in an interactive 45 minutes session. This was followed by a networking lunch and it was back to the programme that ended with the new look and feel of MANCOSA’s Alumni Association, an explanation by the graphic harvester of the amazing artwork that captured the essence of the day. The Postgraduate Boot camp ended on a positive note with the Learning Center Manager, Mrs. Wendy Clarke wishing students the very best for the 2017 academic year.