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Nostalgia marketing on consumer buying

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Nostalgia marketing was the focus of a research presentation by Mr Lionel Muchirahondo at the recent MBA Research Evening at the Mancosa [GSB] who presented a paper based on his dissertation titled An Investigation on the Effect of Nostalgia on Consumer Buyer Behaviour in South Africa.

Mr Muchirahondo’s research sought to establish the potential of nostalgia as a stimulus which influences the purchasing decisions by consumers in South Africa and create awareness of its effectiveness among marketers.

Mr Muchirahondo said ‘retro’ marketing was a strong marketing trend used successfully the world over.

“This form of marketing entailed the use of nostalgia for the past to make modern products attractive or fashionable thereby ensuring they look and feel different from competing products in the market,” he said.

Sixty five consumers participated in the research which revealed nostalgia plays a major role in buyer decisions, however this tool has not been optimally utilised by marketers.

“Human beings tend to crave for a past life, but seem to be selective with their recollections of that past; focusing mostly on happier times and because of this longing for days gone by, marketers are able to tailor their brand and promotional strategies to entice feelings of nostalgia thereby generating significant attention and revenue from consumers who find themselves connected to certain periods,” said Mr Muchirahondo.

Mr Muchirahondo, an Executive Assistant who hails from Pretoria said the Mancosa [GSB] Research Evening was an exciting opportunity for him to share his love for nostalgic marketing with his peers and academics.

He described the MBA experience as an exciting, yet challenging, journey that had helped him learn to think strategically.

“The qualification started opening new doors even before I had completed my studies. It is my hope that this will continue and that I will find myself that career opportunity which I have dreamt of. In addition, my research has enabled me to explore entrepreneurial opportunities as well as the opportunity to build on my academic profile as I intend on pursuing a doctorate in marketing,” added Mr Muchirahondo.