Mixed methods research: Game changer or compromise?

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The increase in mixed methods research justifies the question of determining the perceived value of mixed methods research compared with a purely quantitative or purely qualitative study. It is important to understand the perceived value of combining two distinct methodologies, especially given the added resources, time, and expertise required to conduct a mixed methods study (McKim, 2017).
Hosted by the Research Academy on the 12th of April 2019 and facilitated by Mrs Tracey Govender, the Postgraduate Research Manager, the Open DBA Seminar was a successful, well-attended event at MANCOSA.

Guest speaker Professor Muhammad Hoque, from the UKZN GSBL began the seminar with an overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods followed by a detailed breakdown of mixed methods research. The highly interactive atmosphere allowed attendees, especially the DBA candidates, to address misunderstandings and gain clarity on the concepts and practice of mixed methodologies. Students actively engaged in thought- provoking discussion surrounding the different types of mixed methods research. Professor
Hoque welcomed a more user-friendly approach to applying mix methods by implementing its concepts in everyday life.


Mr Paresh Soni closed the seminar by highlighting some of the challenges, controversies
and opportunities of mixed methods research. Students left the seminar feeling a sense of
confidence and optimism, that they could successfully undertake and accomplish a complex ‘Mixed Methods” research’ study.