MBA Student & Pharmacist recognised for excellence in case study writing in India

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In spite of a number of proposed approaches, theories and empirical findings, there is no consensus on how to educate effective managers. It is clear that the role of the manager is extremely complex and therefore, effective business education is no less complicated. Nowadays, management education has to be much more practically oriented and should consider the main features of a modern competitive global economy. Lectures and discussions are no longer the most effective teaching methods. Research results has shown that case methods and practical application skills, which are pertinent in today’s business environment, are most effective as it provides students with the opportunity to examine various management styles in different cultural and economic perspectives. Furthermore, application skills of this nature, are far more beneficial to students as it creates the opportunity to solve real business problems.

One of the characteristics that MANCOSA upholds is the continued support and encouragement toward diverse leadership techniques. We believe that education should be based on the innovative pillars that underpin business and therefore, we appreciate the input of students that contribute to online and print resources. It is with this intention that we are proud to mention that one of our current MBA students, Miss Kiresha Naicker, has been recognised internationally for a case study she titled;“Candlelight Bags: A case study of Family Business Management.”

Miss Kiresha Naicker is a qualified pharmacist and currently enrolled to complete her MBA at the Mancosa Graduate School of Business in Durban. In 2016, she was recognised for a case study on the management and strategic tools utilised in small to medium enterprises which appears in a MANCOSA publication of case studies that aims to educate senior managers on the business management revolutions in the 21st century.

Through the assistance of MANCOSA’s international relationships with major universities and well versed academics, Miss Naicker was invited by the India Institute of Management (IIM) to present her case study. She enrolled for the MBA programme in 2015 and has since been involved in the international Shanghai Study Tour in 2016.

“With studying toward an MBA in the pharmaceutical industry you can move into corporate sector positions and do not just focus on the clinical aspects. By doing an MBA it has opened my mind to the leadership, entrepreneurship, management skill, communication skills and utilizing and strategising business concepts,”said Miss Naicker.

She also feels that by doing an MBA at MANCOSA, her goals and objectives toward her career have now shifted toward looking at leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry.

MANCOSA takes pride in acknowledging the achievements of our students and would like to congratulate Miss Naicker on her outstanding achievement.