MANCOSA students and faculty embark on an oriental odyssey to the world’s economic powerhouse - MANCOSA


MANCOSA students and faculty embark on an oriental odyssey to the world’s economic powerhouse

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On 21 September 2017, a delegation of 14 MBA students and faculty members from the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) and REGENT Business School (RBS) set of on a joint global study tour to the largest economy in the world – China. The delegation also included a faculty member from Universite Mondiopolis, a recent partner to MANCOSA and RBS under the Honoris United Universities platform.

China, which is also known as the “Flowery Kingdom”, is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations and has recently emerged as a modern nation. The country’s rapid emergence as the world’s economic powerhouse has been underpinned by centuries of advances in science, technology, astronomy and mathematics. It is against this backdrop that delegates from MANCOSA and RBS undertook to explore the inner workings of Shanghai, the modern business and financial centre of this dynamic nation, while discovering the ingenuity of its ancient past.

The joint global study tour offered delegates rich experiences and a lifetime of insight. The delegation had the exclusive opportunity of visiting MANCOSA’s partner university, Shanghai University of Business and Economics (SUIBE), where academics shared insights on the trends shaping growth and business opportunities in China, as well as the socio-cultural nuances of doing business effectively in the country.

Delegates were also treated to company tours at some of the largest and most innovative organisations in the world. These included Volkswagen, Toitole, U-sky, BASF and Fluor. Engagements with representatives from the respective organisations during the company tours enabled delegates to understand the Chinese experience in creating a culture of innovation against the background of its rapid growth and global expansion.

MANCOSA’s annual joint global study tour helps delegates to synergise, appreciate and validate what they have learnt during their studies. In order to develop global leaders of the future, MANCOSA has earmarked emerging economies and frontier markets for future joint global study tours.

For more information, please contact MANCOSA’s global study tour coordinator, Mrs Sumayah Randeree – [email protected]