MANCOSA staff celebrates milestone development

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Staff at MANCOSA’s Head Office in Durban today (4 November 2014) participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony and enjoyed a tour of the newly completed MANCOSA Graduate School of Business (GSB) on 16 Samora Machel Street.

The event precedes the official opening which will be marked by the inaugural Dr Chota Motala Memorial Lecture on Friday, 7 November 2014.  Months of construction work has produced a modern 4000sqm building spanning four levels. A spacious atrium, water-wise gardens with Koi fish; skylight and large windows offering panoramic views of the harbour are indicative of environmental architectural principles.

The MANCOSA GSB’s inception is in line with the institution’s vision to create a campus that focuses on postgraduate education in business management with emphasis on the promotion of international collaborative higher education; international study tours; executive education and research.

The Principal and Founder of MANCOSA, Professor Yusuf Karodia and the Human Resources Director, Mr Mahomed Karodia addressed staff.

Speakers reflected on the origins of MANCOSA and highlighted the strides it has made from the time the institution occupied modest offices in Overport in 1997 to the developments the organisation has seen over the years.

Mr Karodia thanked the leadership at MANCOSA for the development of over 300 staff; the numerous graduation ceremonies over the years that celebrated educational success and daily decision-making that impacts in turning the wheels of business locally and globally.

“At the time of the opening of the GSB I would like to call upon all staff to use this opportunity to deeply reflect on your own abilities, skills, passion and energy. Use this opportunity to reflect and re-engineer yourselves.  Do not allow yourself to accept second best. Continually upskill yourself and build yourself and build sound working relationships that shape your life at MANCOSA,” said Mr Karodia.

Professor Karodia recalled MANCOSA’s advent into the higher education arena and the many hours he and his friend and colleague, Professor Naren Bhana dedicated to setting up MANCOSA 20 years ago.

He extended his thanks to MANCOSA directors and others for the display of positivity; support and hard work towards the GSB project.

To all staff present, Professor Karodia said:

“Set a positive mindset which makes you believe you can do things. Believe in yourselves and that you will be the best one day.  Be good to people. If you’re good to people goodness will come to you too.”