Mancosa [School of Education], hosts the first group of students studying toward the Postgraduate Certificate in Education - MANCOSA


Mancosa [School of Education], hosts the first group of students studying toward the Postgraduate Certificate in Education

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The MANCOSA Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Further Education and Training Teaching [PGCE (Further Education and Training Teaching)] Orientation Programme, was held at the Mancosa [GSB] on Saturday, 25th February. The aim of the PGCE is to provide students with a professional teaching qualification and necessary skills essential to their function as future teachers. The programme opened with an address by the MANCOSA Principal, Professor Yusuf Karodia who welcomed students to the programme and impressed upon the students, the various doors of opportunities that a PGCE qualification can open.

The purpose of the orientation programme was to familiarise students with MANCOSA’s teaching and learning plan of how the PGCE will unfold, as well as to provide guidance on how to approach their studies, workshops and assessments. A key discussion on what to expect in the compulsory work integrated learning component called Teaching Practice, was enthusiastically captured by Mr. Yusuf Salot, a seasoned academic at the Mancosa [School of Education]. The Director of the Mancosa [GSB] Professor Zaheer Hamid, amused the students when he fondly recalled memories of his own Teaching Practice sessions during a Science lesson. The School of Education’s experienced academic, Dr. Brian Jarvis, highlighted the importance of educating teachers who were critical thinkers and thus able to understand both their learning and their teaching in relation to the social, economic and political realities of the society in which they lived and worked.

MANCOSA is proud to note that students in the first PGCE cohort come from various cultural and working-world backgrounds, such as law, religious institutions, sport and fitness, as well as school-based educators. Such diversity will create a space for healthy discussions during workshops, which will contribute towards shaping our future generation of both learners and teachers within the South African teaching and learning context.

The members of the School of Education, pledged MANCOSA’s continuous support to students throughout their teacher education and training journey. Students were encouraged to ask questions which were responded to by the relevant academic staff. The orientation programme ended on a high note with refreshments and the opportunity to network with fellow students as well as the academic team. Thereafter, students were encouraged to prepare themselves for the vigorous and exciting PGCE programme which commences with workshops this week Saturday, the 4th March.