MANCOSA rewards academic excellence

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Success is not something new for Mr Ashvir Harcharan who scooped the Top MBA Award at MANCOSA’s graduation this October. He is acknowledged for having rapidly achieved career success and has been recipient of several accolades over the years.

Mr Harcharan, an engineer by profession and presently a Senior Manager for the eThekwini Transport Authority, obtained his Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree cum laude.  His research dissertation titled: An Evaluation of the Impact an Energy Efficient Fan has on the Global Environment in Comparison to an Inefficient Fan by Performing a Life Cycle Assessment Analysis on the Fans aimed to establish the carbon footprint of both fans and their contribution in alleviating global warming.

His choice of the research topic stems from a need to ascertain the full environmental impact of energy efficient technology which Mr Harcharan believes can only be established by evaluating the full life cycle of the product from its creation to its end of life.

The findings of the research study show that the process of manufacturing energy efficient fans sees the release of more Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere compared to the manufacture of inefficient fans.

“It is only through the use of the energy efficient fan in comparison to an inefficient fan does the fan’s life cycle GHG’s reduce significantly, thereby contributing to South Africa’s energy reduction targets of 12% by 2015,” said Mr Harcharan.

Mr Harcharan indicated that society’s awareness of a product’s carbon footprint would help managers leaders and citizens make informed decisions about the products their companies or families use.  He said the research findings suggest significant environmental gains and advises business captains, managers and consumers on their environmental responsibility. Minimising one’s carbon footprint through the energy efficient products we use translates to reduced electricity bills, tax incentives and reduced carbon tax pressures.

Wowed by being the recipient of the Top MBA Graduate honour, Mr Harcharan said it was an awesome feeling to receive the award, adding that the MBA degree would definitely be beneficial to him in the senior managerial role he holds. Mr Harcharan also earned the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency Best Newcomer Award in 2012 and in 2013 he was presented with the National Power Contractors Employee of the Year Award.

Mr Harcharan describes his MBA experience at MANCOSA as “Challenging at times due to work and personal commitments; with the result that probably all MBA graduates become masters in time management. I found it great to liaise with other brilliant MBA students and having an excellent supervisor. In addition I have had great family support. Most importantly my wife motivated me,  thus making the journey a pleasurable and memorable one.”