MANCOSA hosts a conference on the technological integrations in the new FET learner’s curriculum - MANCOSA


MANCOSA hosts a conference on the technological integrations in the new FET learner’s curriculum

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The Department of Basic Education is committed to utilising Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to improve learning and teaching outcomes across the education system and opening up access to the 21st century learning and teaching solutions.

In partnership with the Mathematics, Science & Technology (MST) directorate of KZN Education Department, Affinity Educational Consultants, MANCOSA held a five-day ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning Training Conference for seventy-five KZN further Education & Training MST Subject Advisors.

The training course aimed at providing training and support to FET subject advisors on the integration of ICT with Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) in school subjects, to support teaching and learning in the FET band. The training included the practical use of technology in the classroom environment, with specific reference to tablets, smartphones, computers (desktop, laptops, netbooks, etc.) and interactive display devices.

The course covered the following modules:

  1. Theoretical Framework for ICT Integration
  2. Living Online as ICT Resources Portal
  3. Introduction to Tables as an ICT Tool
  4. Moodle for Teaching as a LMS
  5. Google Apps for Collaboration at ICT Tools
  6. One Note for Teachers as an ICT Tool
  7. Microsoft Classroom as a LMS
  8. PowerPoint & Office Mix as ICT Tools
  9. Device Essentials as tools for ICT
  10. Geogebra for Math/EGD/PhySc/Tech Teachers
  11. Smartboard & Apps for Languages
  12. Google Earth & Google Maps
  13. Excel for Teachers
  14. Sciencebits for Science Teachers
  15. Autocad for EGD & Technology Teachers
  16. Scratch for IT Teachers

Upon completion of the training course, feedback received on the course was a resounding success. In addition, the success of the training course was also attributed to the state of the art facilities provided by MANCOSA.

Delegates found the training engaging, empowering, enriching and invigorating.

The ICT Integration into the classroom training has certainly given them new meaning in comparison to their belief in ICT prior to this training intervention.