MANCOSA hosts a POST SONA Breakfast discussion at our newly revamped Johannesburg Campus - MANCOSA


MANCOSA hosts a POST SONA Breakfast discussion at our newly revamped Johannesburg Campus

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Following on a very interesting State of The Nation Address, which was delivered to the South African Public on Thursday, 11th February 2016, Mancosa [GSB] Business Nexus Unit hosted a breakfast and post discussion to analyse and interpret the President’s delivery and predicted objectives for the year 2016.

A well versed panel consisting of Mr. Dawie Roodt; CEO of The Efficient Group; Ms. Hillary Joffe; Business Day Editor and Advocate Lavan Gopaul, Head of Mancosa [GSB] Business Nexus Unit; covered a complete breakdown of the economic, political, monetary, private sectors, business and market sectors.

Mr. Dawie Roodt went into great detail regarding the growth factors President Zuma touched on in his address. Mr. Roodt strongly argued that he sees very little to zero percent growth opportunities, given the current status of South Africa’s current poor economy, low GDP percentage and the large unemployment rate which is at 29% of the total population.

“It was evident that the President’s speech communicated a series of mixed messages to the community and lacked substance. Many of the subject areas he touched on were very briefly discussed and he indicated that full explanations will be given in the Budget Speech, which will be delivered by Honourable Minister Pravin Gordhan on the 24th February 2016.” concluded Ms. Joffe.

An interesting summary of the entire SONA address and an analysis of what the two previous speakers had discussed was conveyed by Advocate Lavan Gopaul, as he relayed his delivery by stating that the SONA speech was more of an apologetic delivery by the President. He mentioned that the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), which President Zuma indicated are preforming well, were not clearly defined in terms of the proposed VAT increase, growth potential, turmoil to markets, commodities out of favour and possibility of transport cost rates decreasing.

The programme ended off with a closing delivery by Professor Yusuf Karodia whose departing words reflected on the 26 years post-apartheid. He said, “Democracy is working for South Africa and there is a light of ray at the end of the tunnel.”

It was an honour to host such well-versed speakers who enlightened the public to the very crude messages relayed by our country’s President and definitely left the audience eagerly awaiting the Budget Speech address.