MANCOSA Centre for Women Leadership Hosts Women Leadership Empowerment Workshop

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On Friday 12th August 2016, the MANCOSA Centre for Women Leadership hosted and facilitated a Women Leadership Empowerment Workshop at the Mancosa [GSB]. The workshop was attended by women from three organisations – Uthando Restoration, Women with Purpose and I am Ruth SA.  The aim of the workshop was to provide leadership knowledge and skills to the participants. The Head of the Centre for Women Leadership, Dr Claudine Hingston welcomed the participants and facilitated an interactive session on ‘unpacking leadership’ in which she discussed the tenets of good leadership.

This session was followed by a talk on ‘managing stressful moments’ by social worker, Ms Thamary Kamakupa. Ms Kamakupa explained the different types of stress, the symptoms associated with stress and ways of managing it. Mrs Zanele Zuma, a high school teacher, later gave a talk on community leadership and highlighted ways in which one can lead effectively in a community.

After a short tea break, Ms Ziningi Malinga, a human resources officer, gave an inspiring talk on the importance of team building in leadership. She stated that team work is important for good leadership and urged all present to be good team players if they want to be good leaders. The workshop concluded with a motivational talk by Dr Hingston and a feedback session.

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