MANCOSA bursary helps student realise career aspirations

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Winning a MANCOSA bursary will lead Brittany Dunn, a Grade 12 learner at Estcourt High School a step closer to realising her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Grade 12 learner scooped the MANCOSA bursary after submitting a bursary application at the Estcourt Hospice Charity Fair hosted in her home town in March this year. The bursary awarded to Brittany would enable her to pursue studies towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree at MANCOSA.

MANCOSA’s partnership with the Estcourt Hospice to offer a bursary to a deserving learner in the community of Estcourt goes beyond corporate social responsibility.  Instead MANCOSA bursaries are offered to students who have the potential to succeed academically and are hindered by financial constraints.

“Bursaries offered by MANCOSA are about giving people within communities hope through the opportunity of an education, hence making South Africa a better country. We view recipients of bursaries as catalysts of hope for their communities. Brittany has been given an opportunity to study and we hope she makes the most of it,” said Mr Hashim Bobat, Marketing Manager at MANCOSA.


Brittany’s scenario is a challenging one, in that she has a twin brother who also has higher education aspirations, yet they depend solely on their mother for financial support.  Receiving the MANCOSA bursary has lessened the family’s financial burdens.

Brittany was encouraged to enter the bursary competition by one of her school teachers who identified her academic potential to succeed in the field of commerce.

“Learners from schools in Estcourt entered the competition and it came as a big surprise when a MANCOSA team that visited my school in April announced that I had won a bursary.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for me. Many of my friends may not have the opportunity to study due to financial constraints. Therefore I feel privileged to have won this bursary.  I thank MANCOSA for this opportunity and hope that the institution continues to inspire other students to acquire an education,” said Brittany.

Brittany plans on entering the world of business not only to empower herself but also to give back to the community.

“After studying at MANCOSA I would like to work towards owning my own business as this will enable me to employ other people, thereby empowering the community,” she added.

Mrs Cheryl Dunn, Brittany’s mother, said she was proud by her daughter’s achievement and confident she will work hard to succeed in her studies.

“As a single parent we are faced with financial constraints and I’m thankful that Brittany had received this bursary. It’s less of a financial burden for us as her twin brother also plans on studying next year,” she added.