Leadership Lecture on Women as Transformational Leaders - MANCOSA


Leadership Lecture on Women as Transformational Leaders

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The MANCOSA Centre for Women Leadership held a leadership lecture on Thursday, 22nd September 2016, at the Mancosa [GSB] Dr Chota Motala Auditorium. The title of the lecture was “Women as Transformational Leaders” and it was delivered by Mrs Marsha Gabriel, the group CEO of the Corporate Social Investment Business Congress.

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Mrs Gabriel first stated that the value in every person must be identified as each person is born with the power to deliver to humanity. Women, she said, not only have the power to deliver to humanity but also have multiplying and expanding capabilities. She stated that women always enlarged whatever is given to them. She urged the women present to support other less successful women by endeavouring to duplicate themselves in them and added that this is a great strategy for women to empower other women.

Mrs Gabriel further urged all present to move away from autocratic leadership and embrace transformational leadership. Autocratic leadership, she said, is dictatorial and does not involve others in decision making. This type of leadership according to Mrs Gabriel, can be dangerous and counterproductive. Furthermore, it can also result in an organisation losing its talented employees. Mrs Gabriel argued that transformational leadership is the best as it is innovative and goal oriented, and that it enhances growth as well as inspires and stirs others to reach their potential in the context of the work that needs to be done. Finally, she encouraged all present to turn away from negativity and fear, be innovative, identify their strengths and undergo a personal transformation.