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High quality work – the secret to success

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The ethos of producing high quality work without procrastinating has proven a success for MANCOSA graduate Mr Ndodomzi Nduna who obtained his Master in Business Administration degree cum laude.

Employed at Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) as a Project Manager, Mr Nduna based his research on enhancing employee morale at a car manufacturing company. His research entailed an in-depth study of various factors that influenced employee morale at the organisation.

Over 900 employees participated in the investigation which took cognisance of training and development; interpersonal relations within teams and management; perceived corporate direction and pay and benefits.

“Things were tough but I did it. It is important to manage your time well and be disciplined.”

According to Mr Nduna almost 70 percent of employees rated communication and interpersonal relation within a team, and pay and benefits as priority areas that needed to be addressed to improve employee morale at the company.

Mr Nduna indicated that verbal communication in the work environment investigated was largely in isiZulu and there were complaints of communication break downs between management to employees in the lower levels of the organisation.

The study shows that the main reason job level employees will seek employment outside of the organisation was due to a dissatisfaction with the salaries and benefits they earned.

Mr Nduna indicated it had been his goal to achieve a cum laude pass.

“Try to finish (academic work) early. Don’t leave things for the last minute. Don’t procrastinate. Maintaining a (high) quality of work is important,” he advised.