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Family support when doing an MBA

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Studying an MBA with kids

Family support for someone completing an MBA does not only mean giving the student time to study. It actually refers to a host of ways of support for the student as well as the student’s family:

  • Think support for the partner who has to cope with small children.
  • Support for ageing parents who depend on the student for physical assistance.
  • Families who have to count on less financial assistance when MBA study fees have to be paid.

However, with good planning and support, students will, in the end, be able to complete an MBA.

Although some people like to call an MBA a marriage breaker, this assumption is countered. Some women start their MBA studies when they are pregnant and working. These women pass with flying colours. This shows that you can do and achieve anything with proper planning and family support.

The flexibility, accessibility and affordability of the MANCOSA MBA make it possible for people who qualify to complete their MBA without sacrificing their relationships with their loved ones.

An online MBA must fit in with you and your family, as well as your work. This is an online MBA course in the true sense of the word because you do not need to attend any classes on campus at all.

How to create a healthy work-life balance

Lean on family and friends for support. An understanding spouse or partner is very important to keep you motivated to complete your studies.

Organisation is an important aspect

Organise your time and priorities with the support of family and friends to find the balance between home, work and study. Make plans to spend time with family, such as having supper with your family every night or spending one day of the weekend with them.

Even if it means you have to study early in the morning or late at night. It will be worth your while to make time for the people in your life

Creative scheduling

This is the second important aspect of your studies that will make it easier for you. Some students find it helpful to break up the work into smaller portions each day. Others find it works better to work early in the morning when the family is still asleep to be able to focus on the work without interruptions.

Others study during their lunch breaks and leave for home early when they can to find more time for their studies. It is also a good idea to work on assignments in advance, which means you will have to become an expert in the third aspect, prioritising.

This is extremely valuable in your work environment. Learn with your family to stick to a schedule and learn to say no.

MBA student planning their study schedule

Family Support & Planning

Planning can be extremely challenging when you have to balance work, family life and studying. You have to learn to be efficient in every aspect of your life, including sleep. There will be less time to go out on weeknights and even on weekends, but you have to plan to ensure you do not fall behind with your course work.

Your self-discipline, desire to learn and communication with everyone around you will determine the outcome of your studies in the end.


You will have to make sacrifices while you complete your MBA, which is the fourth important aspect to keep in mind. Your hobbies will have to take a back seat for a while and you will have to spend your free time wisely.


The fifth important aspect is to keep your eye on the prize. You will be able to make sacrifices if you keep in mind how an MBA will make a difference to your work life, your employability and your CV. Remember: you will not get a high-quality education without putting in a lot of hard work.