Executive Education Short Learning Programmes – Enhances employee skills

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MANCOSA Executive Education hosted short learning programme in May and June at the Mancosa [GSB] aimed at augmenting the skills of employees within the private and public sectors.

Delegates with diverse work experience ranging from senior managers to junior administrative staff benefited out of the programmes in Supply Chain Management and Project Management. Evolving business environments and changing market needs have placed demands on organisations to enhance the skills of employees to meet current demands.

“The management of talent in today’s globalised and technologically driven economy is proving to be increasingly challenging.  It is truly encouraging to see delegates from both private and public sectors.  Short learning programmes at MANCOSA Executive Education are aimed at providing delegates not only with a theoretical understanding, but include a strong focus on practical components and implementation aided by rigorous assessment criteria,” said Mr Abdulla Sardiwalla, head of  MANCOSA Executive Education.

Welcoming delegates at the programme on Supply Chain Management, Professor Yusuf Karodia, the Principal at MANCOSA shared a few thoughts on the keys to success. He informed delegates that the best strategies and plans alone were not enough but execution of plans was imperative.

The delegates who participated in the Supply Chain Management programme had certain expectations and goals they hoped to achieve.

One of the delegates, Mr Kenneth Pillay, a MANCOSA MBA student who works within the Production and Manufacturing sector would like the skills gained to enhance supplier-customer relationships.

Important for Mr Pillay was applying the skills acquired during the programme in his work environment.

Delegate, Ms Winnie Khuzwayo, a Project Coordinator within the Local Government sector attended the programme to update her skills in Supply Chain Management.  Her current job includes a supply chain component and Ms Khuzwayo believed a refresher programme was needed.

Ms Khuzwayo enjoyed the approach used in facilitating the programme and believed she was equipped with skills that she could apply in her own organisation.  Time spent participating in the programme had led to her identifying gaps in her institution’s supply chain management processes.

Mrs Julien Karodia a Buyer within the Wholesale and Retail sector had signed up for the programme with the intention of gaining further knowledge to improve her work.  Having sat through the programme Mrs Karodia was satisfied that her expectations of the programme had been met to a great degree.

“I can now go back to work and apply what I have learnt. I enjoyed the facilitator’s presentations and the approach used to capture the participant’s attention. The programme was interactive and the facilitator ensured we were involved, making it (programme) more enjoyable,” said Mrs Karodia.

Cynthia Dlamini, an Intern in the Local Government sector and a MANCOSA alumnus registered for the programme to improve her skills in Supply Chain Management, a field she described “as challenging and where one has to think out of the box.”

Ms Dlamini who studied supply chain management as a module during her higher education studies at MANCOSA felt the programme offered her so much more.

“The course was very informative and I learnt a lot. It has improved my listening skills and has taught me to think out of the box,” she said.

Various short learning programmes are scheduled at Mancosa [GSB] in the upcoming months, the Leadership Development Programme being the next programme in July 2015.

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