Enterprising ideas at business innovation competition - MANCOSA


Enterprising ideas at business innovation competition

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A second year IT Management student at MANCOSA received the award for the MANCOSA Business Innovation Competition after producing an enterprising business idea.

A novel business idea pertaining to liquid petroleum and gas cookers proved to be the winning idea for Miss Aishat Akinyemi who scooped the first prize in the MANCOSA Business Innovation Competition.

The MANCOSA Business Innovation Competition was open to all Rich Distance students at MANCOSA who were invited to submit an innovative business plan that was both enterprising and achievable.  Ms Akinyemi’s Wisechef LPG and Cookers captured the attention of the judges who considered it the best creative business plan.

Given the current energy woes in South Africa, with citizens having to contend with load shedding, inspired Miss Akinyemi to create an alternate cooking method as her business proposal.

“While brainstorming over ideas for a business plan I thought of ideas that could be best exploited and load shedding came to mind. Many people have to find alternate cooking methods and I thought of liquid petroleum gas and cookers,” she said.

The Nigerian born student, who came to South Africa in 2014 and is enrolled at MANCOSA, said that after developing her business plan she was confident she would win. However she admitted it was daunting to present before panel of judges. “I had a high degree of confidence because my business proposal is viable and enterprising.  It was nerve wracking at first but I became more confident after a few minutes,” said Miss Akinyemi.

On receiving the first prize she said:

“I’m happy with myself. At least all my efforts were not in vain. This was an exciting opportunity and good, because it added a practical component to the theoretical work we learn in the classroom. The competition helps students develop their entrepreneurial talents and also supports students who want to venture of into business.”

While generating a winning business idea, Ms Akinyemi has no current plans to pursue this business plan  for now.

“Maybe in years to come I will consider realising my business plan in my home country, Nigeria. This is a capital intensive venture and if I have the funds I might take this idea forward,” she said.

For her efforts Ms Akinyemi was presented with a cash prize and a MANCOSA tablet.  She said she was appreciative to MANCOSA for offering students this opportunity and for the prizes she received.