Does Africa Need Management Skills

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Finding qualified business managers.

There is increasing optimism about what the future holds for Africa. Studies show the continent can expect rapid economic growth with its rich natural resources. However, there is a shortage of high-quality local managers to achieve this vision and aspirations of the AU.

Finding good managers is the biggest challenge for growth on the African continent. Poor management is curtailing investment, which is needed to create jobs for the people of the continent. Estimates put the number of people in management and supervisor posts in Africa at 10 million. However, most of them are not properly qualified to manage businesses in an African context.

That is why it is important to offer an MBA for people who want to study while they are working to improve their skills in management.

Businesses especially need people with soft skills, such as:

  • social skills
  • high-order thinking
  • communications skills, supported
  • interpersonal skills
  • self-control
  • positive self-image

What drives performance?

Technical skills are important to drive performance. However, management skills are even more important to manage this performance. In addition, managing people has various challenges, such as ensuring that the individual objectives of employees meet those of the company.

Succession planning is also an important challenge regarding management skills in Africa. Good managers receive offers that make them leave a company for better prospects. This leaves a gap in institutional memory as well as management. Therefore we have to start training the managers of the future who can step into the shoes of managers who leave.

Excellent communication skills are also a very important requirement for good managers. Managers have to deliver information clearly and in time while focusing on details.

Good managers have the skills to:

  • identify
  • analyse
  • design
  • influence critical organisational processes to complete projects
  • achieve results

The most essential processes for managers, such as organisational learning and change management, are all part of an MBA.

What kind of managers are needed in Africa?

Africa needs managers who have mastered the art of constant innovation to find new ways to stimulate performance and productivity. We need to help people acquire new skills and apply them in the workplace. In short, we need managers with MBAs who can take Africa to the top of its game.