CWL, MANCOSA Students and RWM in Women Empowerment Drive - MANCOSA


CWL, MANCOSA Students and RWM in Women Empowerment Drive

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In collaboration with the Rural Women’s Movement (RWM), the Centre for Women Leadership (CWL) at Mancosa [GSB] is currently facilitating an empowerment training programme for rural women in the Sisonke District. This programme particularly targets the women in the eMakhuzeni rural area. Seven MANCOSA students volunteered to be a part of this project and they were appropriately trained on facilitating field work. They assisted by facilitating basic numeracy, literacy, financial and other skills to the rural women in the district.

As part of the empowerment drive, the team engaged with schools in the Sisonke district such as the Dumisa Primary School and Kenterton Primary School to employ the women to sew school uniforms rather than give out tenders to entrepreneurs to do it. It is envisaged that this will work out cheaper and will also provide income for the women. The response from the schools was very positive as they were agreeable to the suggestion. It is hoped that by the end of the programme, the women would have gained skills that will enable them to become economically empowered.

MANCOSA Students 1MANCOSA students at eMakhuzeni on a rural women empowerment project


MANCOSA Students 3CWL, RWM and MANCOSA students all set for the trip to eMakhuzeni

MANCOSA Students 2MANCOSA students resting after a hard day’s work at eMakhuzeni