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Inspiring, motivating and awarding Sithabile Secondary Schools’ senior educators for leadership, performance and excellence in the Teachers Awards ceremony held at Ushaka Marine World



Professor Anthony Rippon and Dr Ayoob Jadwat were invited to motivate, inspire, inform and uplift the leadership of Sithabile Secondary School in Inanda. The luncheon, held in recognition of Sithabile’s teaching and management staff’s performance during the year, took place at Ushaka Marine World on Friday 21 August 2015.

The Programme Director, Mr Kubheka (a current MANCOSA MBA student), the Principal, Heads of Departments and teaching staff were recognised for their annual achievements and awarded accordingly. The teachers and management were inspired by a motivational speech delivered by Professor Rippon and was informed about MANCOSA’s new developments by Dr Jadwat, Chairperson of Student Recruitment, Admission and Selection Committee.  Dr Jadwat introduced the audience to MANCOSA’s current progress and developments regarding the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management programme that is on offer to educators who are looking to further their studies.

The Schools Awards Ceremony included three award categories which focused on:

  • Category A, recognised teaching staff with scholars achieving a 100% pass rate.
  • Category B, awarding teachers having scholars who achieved an A aggregate in at least one subject.
  • Category C, awarding teachers that have students who have achieved not only an A aggregate in one subject, but included those scholars who achieved an overall 100% pass rate as well.

Gifts were provided by MANCOSA which were highly appreciated in acknowledgment of the performance of the senior educators at Sithabile Secondary School.

In conclusion, the educators inspired and felt ready to resume their teaching roles and explore innovative teaching and learning ideas.

‘What lies before us and lies behind us are tiny matters, to what lies within us’

– Oliver Wendell Holmes