Center for Women Leadership hosts its first African Women Forum - MANCOSA


Center for Women Leadership hosts its first African Women Forum

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In pursuance of its mandate to promote women leadership in Africa, the Centre for Women Leadership at Mancosa [GSB] in Durban initiated an African Women Forum comprising women from various African countries. The first meeting of this forum took place at the Mancosa [GSB] on Tuesday, 26th January and was attended by African women from various African countries such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria. The forum members present at the meeting expressed concern that African women are usually relegated to the background in the continent’s leadership process, despite the fact that research has shown that women can be successful leaders and can even lead better than men. They vowed to do all they can to promote and provide an enabling environment for women leadership within the continent. As such, the two main objectives of the forum are to promote active discourse on female leadership in Africa and to implement activities that will support it such as research, dialogue sessions in high schools and community engagement/outreach within South Africa and their various countries. It is envisaged that women from other African countries, other than those listed will eventually become a part of this forum.

CWL African Women Forum 1

CWL African Women Forum 2

Members of the CWL African Women Forum

CWL African Women Forum 3

A cross section of CWL African Women

CWL African Women Forum 4

Fostering the discourse on women leadership