2018 MANCOSA Research Excellence Awards: Celebrating significant achievements

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It was a joyous occasion at MANCOSA’s Graduate School of Business on Friday, 04 May 2018, as the institution honoured its faculty for their remarkable research achievements during the 2016-2017 research cycle. The prestigious Research Excellence Awards ceremony commemorated an impressive two-year period, in which research output increase three-fold at the institution.

In his opening address, Mr Paresh Soni, Associate Director of Research, explained that: “In 2016, we adopted a sustainable research production plan as an integral part of our overall strategy to promote research and this ushered in a new era within the institution. The philosophy of the two-year plan (2016-2017), was premised upon a re-imagined, project-based approach to encouraging and supporting research. Congruent with the philosophy, the objectives of the publishing plan were to: reaffirm research as a priority and a value-adding activity at MANCOSA, provide a framework for the promotion of theory-led, practically-relevant research, provide for effective internal and external communication relating to research, thereby maximising the impact of research and incentivise and reward a variety of research outputs.”

Speaking at the event, founder and Principal of MANCOSA, Professor Yusuf Karodia, stressed the importance of research to guests and faculty present at the ceremony.

“In the 21st century knowledge economy, it is imperative that every institute of higher learning shows commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge through the promotion of research at the highest possible level. Investments in research make it possible for higher education institutions to join the global knowledge society and to steadily improve their reputations and competitiveness on an international stage.”

Professor Karodia went on to say that he was proud of the achievements of both junior and senior academics and encouraged them to continue “seeking the truth” through their research.

Elaborating on the numerous research achievements over the past two years, Mr Soni stated that: “During the 2016-2017 publishing cycle, a total of 117 research outputs, including peer-reviewed articles, peer-reviewed conference proceedings and refereed chapters in books, were recorded by the Research Directorate. Indeed 2017 was also a watershed year for MANCOSA, as it hosted its first joint National Research Conference on Business, Management and Sustainable development in partnership with REGENT Business School. A total of 33 papers were presented across 5 parallel sessions during the one-day event. The Journal of Management and Administration (JMA), which is produced by the Mancosa Graduate School of Business, has also been gaining traction within academic circles, both locally and abroad. The policies and processes of the JMA have been aligned with the stringent requirements of the DHET and we are confident that the journal will soon be accredited. Undoubtedly, many of these achievements would not have been possible without the appropriate resources being dedicated to support research and scholarly activity. Towards this end, a large budget has been dedicated to publishing fees, journal and conference fees, as well as the academic research rewards fund.”


Research Excellence Award: Dr Shamila Singh

Outstanding Research Award: Mrs Shamola Pramjeeth

Leadership Research Award: Dr Claudine Hingston

Recognition of Research Output Awards: Professor Narendra Bhana, Professor Zaheer Hamid, Dr Shaun Pekeur, Dr Premlall Ramlachan, Dr Lailah Imandin, Ms Razia Kahn, Mrs Martha Moyo, Mr Goolam Desai, Mr Peter Osei-Sekyere, Mr Paresh Soni, Ms Sooraya Ebrahim, Ms Neetu Lakha, Mr Charl Hydenrych