1 st Research Academy Seminar of 2019, “Publishing and You!” - MANCOSA


1 st Research Academy Seminar of 2019, “Publishing and You!”

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How does MANCOSA support scholarly publishing? What are predatory journals and how does one avoid them? How does a researcher choose a journal in which to publish?

These are some of the issues addressed by the first seminar hosted by the Research Academy on Friday 15 February 2019 and facilitated by Library Manager Ms Mayezana Madida. The seminar began with an overview from the Associate Director: Research, Mr Paresh Soni of the challenges faced by private HEIs in sustaining research and of MANCOSA’s unstinting support of all publishing initiatives and research activities. This was followed by a presentation from Mr Saleem Hoosen, from the Academic Publishing Unit, on unpacking the toolbox for a researcher-writer who is intent on publishing (and indeed, whose performance as an academic is linked to publication): journal identification, journal metrics, indexes, ratings and impact factors, developing a research profiles, guidelines to authors and submissions that make for success. The seminar concluded with guidance on avoiding predatory journals and a brief overview of MANCOSA’s own Journal of Management and Administration by Dr Israel. The journey from submission to publication is a long and stressful one for most, but as emphasised in the discussion, the Academic Publishing Unit has support and development mechanisms in place to assist researchers at MANCOSA.