Postgraduate Studies

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Why Should You Consider The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Are you interested in becoming an educational manager?  Are you passionate about developing school systems and facilities to enhance the South African economy by providing quality learning environments?  MANCOSA offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Education or PGDE that teaches students the core skills and knowledge needed to manage school systems and finances effectively.  In this…

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What Can You Do With an MBA? 10 Great Jobs for MBA Graduates

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can set you apart from your peers in a number of ways and provide a boost to your career. Key determining factors include your vision for it, how you apply yourself, and the calibre of the institution from which you obtain your degree. What is your ultimate goal: getting…

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Top Benefits of an MBA in South Africa

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in South Africa is notably one of the most prestigious masters’ degrees in business. The programme has become a huge enhancement to MBA graduate’s careers and salaries. With the inclusion of technology and innovation, MBA graduates have become one of the most recruited applicants in industries across all…

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Expert Tips: How to choose an MBA that is right for you

Authors: Bakhetsile Mangena, Uduak Johnson, Debapriyo Nag How can you determine if you are choosing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) best-suited to your circumstances? Start by asking whether you need the degree to advance your career or if you just want an advanced degree for your personal satisfaction. Going for a degree more advanced…


What type of work experience helps MBA applicants?

What type of work experience helps MBA applicants? Most of the respected MBA Degree qualifications undoubtedly will require some working experience as part of its admission requirements. However, how many years do you need? In short, this is usually ±3-5 years, of which ±2 should be in a supervisory or managerial capacity. When putting together…

Motivations to pursue your Postgraduate studies

5 good reasons to pursue your Postgraduate studies

At some point or another, millions of students from all around the world have been faced with assessing the importance of further studies. Most postgraduate studies can lead to Masters and even Doctorates, exactly the kind of recognition many graduates crave. MANCOSA realises that the decision to embark on a postgrad programme involves time and…

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How is the MANCOSA MBA different?

Why should you choose an MBA? Our 7000 Master of Business Administration graduates who studied with us have taken on leadership roles across a range of industries. We prepare working professionals for climbing the corporate ladder and long-term career planning. Flexible time schedules, the latest online technology and a mobile-first learning design make an MBA…

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How difficult is an MBA?

The short answer is yes, yes it is. However, there is more to studying an MBA than just how difficult it is and how much work goes into it. Studying an MBA is a defining milestone for those looking to solidify what they have learned through previous tertiary education and on-the-job experience. It is a…

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Family support when doing an MBA

Family support for someone completing an MBA does not only mean giving the student time to study. It actually refers to a host of ways of support for the student as well as the student’s family: Think support for the partner who has to cope with small children. Support for ageing parents who depend on…


An MBA Benefits Development in the Workplace

Personal development and growth is a meaningful way in which to improve life skills and increase wealth.  Having specific goals like obtaining an MBA can go a long way in achieving this.  Research shows that having clearly defined and sufficiently challenging goals can lead to a better performance rate.  The benefits of goals lie in…


Four MBA tips that will save money and time

An MBA holds prestige in many sectors of business across the world. This has been largely due to the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag. With globalisation and changes in international business, more people are getting their MBA’s through different ways of funding. We asked Professor Zaheer Hamid, Director at MANCOSA Online…

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What are the entry requirements for an MBA degree?

The main focus of MBA degrees are on mature, talented adults with proven academic ability. These are highly motivated people with business experience. Students with the capacity for personal and professional development are chosen most often. Mancosa MBA requirements: Can anyone do an MBA? Can you do an MBA without a degree? These are questions that…