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project manager planning project

Discover Key Principles & Best Practices: BCom Project Management

Project management is an essential component of any business. Without it, companies and teams can’t achieve business goals within specific deadlines and according to budgets.  This is why project managers are essential in all businesses — big and small.  MANCOSA offers a BCom Project Management that teaches students fundamental skills to bring projects to fruition. …

primary school teacher standing in class

The Role of The PGCE in Further Education & Training

The future of South African children lies in the hands of teachers. High school education, in particular, is highly essential since it provides students with academic and vocational training. MANCOSA offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Further Education and Training that equips teachers with advanced knowledge and skills to teach at a FET level….

BDA graduate posing

From MBA to DBA: Take Your Career to The Next Level

You’re ready to take your career to the next level. You know you have what it takes to become a leader in the field of business and are ready to pursue your goals. MANCOSA offers a Doctor of Business Administration designed to help you significantly contribute to the business landscape. But perhaps you’re not sure…

human resource manager engaging with colleagues

Human Resource Management Courses: Tips About How to Develop Talent

Talent development is essential for business and economic success. When workers have the opportunity to improve their skills, this leads to higher performance, employee retention, and better customer service. At the forefront of skill development are HR managers. MANCOSA offers Human Resource Management courses that teach students to become effective HR professionals who manage talent…

IT Specialist standing in office

The Value of a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology & Management

With the rapid growth of technologies worldwide, there’s never been a better time to pursue a career in information technology. Whether you’re planning on entering the world of IT or are already employed in this lucrative business environment, there are ways to cement your success and ensure you get hired into positions with high-income potential….

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3 Ways to Overcome Challenges in Family Business Management

Register for a Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business Management If you want to see your family business succeed and build a legacy for generations to come, having a family business manager is vital. Learn more about our Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business to see if it fits your business. Register for a Postgraduate Diploma in…

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Understand The Relevance of a Local Government Management Certificate

Have you always had a passion for the people in your local community? Do you dream of being able to help South Africans in need through a goal-driven public sector career? Then working as a local government and community development practitioner may be the ideal job for you. MANCOSA offers a Local Government Management Certificate…

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Why a Postgraduate Educational Management Degree is Needed in SA

The education industry is ever-evolving. People worldwide need education to advance their knowledge, so they’re equipped for different jobs to earn a living and build a future. At the forefront of education, leaders must implement the processes that enable teaching and learning. MANCOSA offers a BEd Honours Educational Leadership and Management that’ll enable you to…

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Choose Accounting Courses Online if You’re Career Focussed

Accounting is a highly lucrative industry. With several job positions to choose from, it comes with job security and flexibility. If you enjoy math and working with numbers, a career in finance and accounting might be the ideal choice. MANCOSA offers accounting courses online, including higher certificates, diplomas, degrees, and more. This article will look…

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Communication Degree & The Role of Corporate Communications

Communication is one of the most — if not the most important function of any business. It allows businesses to build their reputations, establish market positions, and create seamless workflows for their employees. However, they can only achieve this with the help of communication professionals. MANCOSA offers a comprehensive communication degree, the Bachelor of Commerce…

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Digital Marketing Course: Discover The 2023 Industry Trends

The digital transformation of marketing is changing how businesses approach their marketing and advertising efforts. With internet users growing yearly, companies have realised that digital marketing is the way to move forward. This is why more businesses are hiring digital marketers, which makes training, like a digital marketing course, very relevant in today’s competitive work…

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Understand the 7 P’s of Marketing with a Higher Certificate in Marketing

Marketing is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses if they want to remain competitive. That’s why many businesses hire marketing professionals to help implement the 7 P’s of marketing into their companies. Which means it’s the ideal time for you to pursue a marketing career. MANCOSA offers a Higher Certificate in Marketing that’ll equip you with…