Why our fuel price goes up, down, up, down

12 November 2019   Like a yo-yo, fuel prices keep going up and down. In June 2019 unleaded 93 octane petrol cost R16.57 a litre. Then in July the price decreased to R15.61. In August the petrol price went up to R15.72. In September it went up to R15.83. In October it dropped to R15.79….


Moody’s downgrading calls for prudent management of personal finances

05 November 2019   South Africans are urged to take stock of their personal finances and better manage personal expenses following the downgrading of SA’s credit rating by Moody from “stable” to “negative” on Friday 1 November. South Africans must improve personal expenditure to stimulate the wheels of the economy, says Jithendra Maharaj, finance and…


Aspire towards a society “Beyond the prison house of race”

28 October 2019 Now, more than ever before, South Africa needs non-racialism and selfless service to combat the threats of racist populism and corruption that has engulfed the nation, said Durban historian and author, Professor Goolam Vahed. Delivering the sixth annual Dr Chota Motala Memorial Lecture hosted by MANCOSA, Vahed said Pietermaritzburg political activist Dr…


Private Business Schools: No Rewards for Research, but MANCOSA Gains Momentum

A recent feature published in the Financial Mail: Ranking the MBAs (September 2019) has highlighted a key constraint to research and knowledge production in the country. The feature focused on business schools’ flagship programme, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and delved into the vital elements associated with each school’s offering to the market. Currently,…


How to create a LinkedIn profile that will get you hired

In any context, when it comes to the ultimate social network for business professionals, LinkedIn is by far the industry giant. If you want to make connections, stay in the loop with others in your field and meet new business partners or mentors, LinkedIn is where it’s at. In fact, a staggering 80% of all…


What type of work experience helps MBA applicants?

What type of work experience helps MBA applicants? Most of the respected MBA Degree qualifications undoubtedly will require some working experience as part of its admission requirements. However, how many years do you need? In short, this is usually ±3-5 years, of which ±2 should be in a supervisory or managerial capacity. When putting together…


3 easy steps to conquering your fear of public speaking

For many people, even the mention of “public speaking” can cause crippling anxiety. Even the most confident of executives can find themselves crumbling under the pressure. The great news is that if speaking in front of a group of people fills you with fear, sweat and heart-pounding angst, this is something that you can overcome….


The importance of building your personal brand

In the digital age, whether you’re aware of it or not, you have a personal brand. If someone Googles you, what comes up? Because this is the first impression that prospective employers, business partners, clients or even dates will have of you. Is it a good one? Is the information that you’ve shared across LinkedIn,…

Entrepreneur in front of white board delivering a presentation.

3 Ways entrepreneurs improve economic development

You may have noticed that entrepreneurship is frequently referred to as a national asset that needs to be nurtured, motivated and even remunerated to the greatest possible extent. After all, entrepreneurs create businesses, businesses create jobs and employees with steady incomes make for great customers. A near-perfect recipe for sustainable economic growth! But let’s dig…

Student sitting in front of books, studying.

5 Effective time management tips for students

When exam time rolls around, students everywhere start struggling with time management and handling the pressure of it all. After all, it can take a lot of practice to find a balance between home, work and studies. The good news is that investing the time upfront to arrange your priorities is one of the best…

How to answer 'tell us about yourself' in an interview

How to answer “tell us about yourself” in an interview

As far as interview questions that are guaranteed to come up, “tell us about yourself” is certainly on the top of the list. You can count on having to answer this regardless of your industry, experience level or job type. However, rather than dreading the question, you can really take the opportunity to create a…

How to create a compelling CV with no working experience

How to create a compelling CV with no work experience

Here’s the good news for students or graduates who need to put together a CV with absolutely no work history: the candidate with the most experience isn’t always the candidate who gets the job. This is because recruiters are often looking for more than just experience. If you can make a great case with your…

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