Student online learning on their laptop

Is Online Learning the Future of Higher Education in South Africa?

Authors: Dr Aradhana Ramnund-Mansingh, with Dianne Souls and Nikita Reddy Slow and steadily, global education prepared for a staged transition into online learning. The defined time frame was a decade in order to maximise efficiencies and tweak technology to suit the makeup of the digital natives. This 10-year preparation was suddenly fast-tracked in a space…

MBA student planning their study material

Expert Tips: How to choose an MBA that is right for you

Authors: Bakhetsile Mangena, Uduak Johnson, Debapriyo Nag How can you determine if you are choosing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) best-suited to your circumstances? Start by asking whether you need the degree to advance your career or if you just want an advanced degree for your personal satisfaction. Going for a degree more advanced…


A case for formally training newly appointed principals in South Africa on professional management

Newly appointed principals in South Africa receive little induction or in-service training, while in other  countries a one or two days’ induction programme is considered sufficient. New principals must have a formal, structured programme as one component of enhancing their leadership capabilities as well as building leadership capacity in schools. By virtue of their positions…


Likely impact of 4IR on Business Studies Teacher Education programmes

There is little doubt that the curriculum for teacher education at MANCOSA will be in a constant state of change over the next three to five years as disruptive technologies gain momentum through social and business media. During the 1990’s, Professor Christensen of Harvard Business School coined the phrase ‘disruptive technology’ referring to any new…


Teacher unemployment crises in South Africa

Over the decades it was known that if you have an Education qualification you are most likely employable and wouldn’t be out of work for long because there was a shortage of teachers in schools. There was somewhat a balance in the demand and supply of teachers in the profession. More recently, there is an…


Islands in Education

The African Proverb – “It takes a village to raise a child”, reigns true as it did back then. We all know and understand the value of this proverb but we as humanity have long shifted from this practice. The ideology of “SELF” having crept into our education system, seeping its way into our school…


Queen bees muscle out other women in the workplace

Queen Bees of the human kind are undoing the gains of gender equality in the workplace. The Queen Bee Syndrome is one in which a woman in a position of authority views or treats subordinates more critically if they are female, while favouring males when it comes to promotion. In nature the Queen Bee is…


How reading can alleviate anxiety in teenagers

by Michelle Naudé, MANCOSA School of Education As always, Maya Angelou says it best: “If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of myself in the world, I would do that again by reading, just as I did when I was young”. With anxiety levels among adolescents climbing steadily as we…


Unchanged repo rate will curb Xmas shopping spree

The South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) decision to keep the bank repo rate unchanged at 6.5% would appear to be in response to Moody’s latest downgrading and an attempt by the SARB to prevent further decline in the country’s credit rating. This is the view of Jithendra Maharaj, an economics academic at MANCOSA private higher…

Nonhlanhla Dorcas Mbongwa

Nonhlanhla shows determination can overcome any of life’s battles

20 November 2019   Failure was not an option for Nonhlanhla Dorcas Mbongwa, 43, who defied a rare medical condition to pursue a BCom degree in IT Management which she passed with 11 distinctions. The mother of two from Newlands West, Durban, was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia – which manifests in intense facial pain –…


Discrimination in the workforce due to HIV/ AIDS disclosure is still rife

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is still having a profound impact on businesses in South Africa. Discrimination against individuals with HIV infections in the workplace still prevails. Employees living with HIV/AIDS are unable to continue working under normal conditions in their current employment for as long as they are medically fit to do so. Constructive dismissal occurs…

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