Month: Feb 2024


How to Leverage a Bachelor of Information Technology for Organisational Success

The digital landscape is evolving continuously in the business world.  This leads to the need for information technology in all companies in all industries. As a result, companies require IT managers to help manage their technology systems to improve customer and staff satisfaction.  MANCOSA offers a Bachelor of Information Technology Management, providing students with critical…

Work-Life Balance

How a Human Resource Management Course Can Promote a Work-Life Balance

The modern workplace is often rushed and overwhelming, leaving little time for employees to have quality personal lives. As a result, employees become overworked and stressed, leading to low levels of productivity and high employee turnover.  This makes the quest for work-life balance a paramount concern for employees and employers.  MANCOSA offers a Human Resource…

The Digital Landscape with a Communication Degree

How to Navigate The Digital Landscape with a Communication Degree

Due to the continuous digital enhancements in the corporate world, it has become essential for companies to have qualified communication professionals. These professionals can help businesses with not only internal communication but external communication, too.  This helps companies maintain a competitive advantage in their industries as these professionals can help them be seen as thought…

International Business Degree

Beyond Borders: Opportunities with an International Business Degree

An International Business Degree can open opportunities for IB graduates to pursue lucrative careers.  With market expansions, global supply chains, and fast economic development, companies require individuals skilled in international business practices.  MANCOSA’s BCom courses, like an International Business Degree equips students with all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in IB.  In…


Learn How to Master Business Acumen with a Management Studies Programme

With crowded markets and constant changes in consumer behaviours and preferences, businesses must have capable managers who can think quickly on their feet and help make better decisions.  MANCOSA offers an Advanced Certificate in Management Studies that teaches students the knowledge and skills needed for effective business management in dynamic and competitive environments. Discover the…