Dec 13, 2023 - MANCOSA

Day: Dec 13, 2023

tax practitioner in her office

Funding The Future: How Efficient Taxation Courses Benefit Society

Taxation plays a critical part in any government. Well-educated and trained tax professionals can help countries achieve effective tax systems to build a prosperous society and economy. That’s where MANCOSA’s Higher Certificate in Tax Administration comes in. It covers the fundamental concepts and practices related to tax collection and management so students can work with…

marketing honours graduates brainstorming

Building Brands, Driving Sales: The Impact of Marketing Honours

Marketing plays a vital part in the success of any business. All companies need marketing to attract customers, make sales, and increase revenue. This is where marketing professionals and managers come in. MANCOSA offers a BCom Honours in Marketing Management that equips students with in-depth marketing management knowledge, including customer needs, product development, advertising, and…