Month: Nov 2023

project manager at work

Project Management Degree in Remote Working: Challenges & Solutions

More companies are turning to remote working solutions than ever before. Not only is remote work more convenient, but it also decreases stress and anxiety among workers. However, for remote projects to get the best results, companies require adequately trained and highly skilled project managers to lead remote teams. MANCOSA offers a Bachelor of Commerce…

a doctorate graduate in the office

The Road Less Travelled: Rewards & Challenges of a Doctorate

Are you a business professional hungry for more knowledge and expertise? Perhaps you want to take your career to the next level or enhance your knowledge to be a well-known expert in your chosen specialisation? MANCOSA offers a Doctorate Degree Programme that specialises in Business Administration. This Doctorate in Business will equip students with in-depth…


Black Friday – Become a Pro Shopper and Make the Most of It

The eagerly anticipated annual shopping extravaganza, that marks the start of the summer season, Black Friday, is just around the corner. This incredible shopping bonanza, which extends from November 24th to November 26th, is known for its incredible deals and astonishing discounts. Eager shoppers are waiting to grab bargains on an extensive range of products,…

Press Release

Cyber risks could derail the adoption of the Production Possibility Frontier

Plenty of literature has been written about the challenges facing the South African economy and the fact that there are no immediate solutions to fast-track economic growth. The biggest challenges facing the South African economy are the Energy Crisis and the Logistics Crisis, a significant problem in a product-based economy such as South Africa, which…

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Difference Between an MBA and a Master of Commerce

The business and commerce landscape is constantly changing. With high competition, employers seek workers with extensive knowledge and skills in various business functions. An MBA and a Master Degree in Commerce programmes provide excellent opportunities for students to sharpen their skills, advance their careers, and climb the ladder to senior management positions. However, how do…