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Month: Feb 2022

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MANCOSA masterclass series can help you advance in your career

For many people, holding one job is not enough to make ends meet and hence they have to resort to a side occupation to supplement an existing income. Private higher education institution, MANCOSA’s School of Information and Digital Technology (SIDT), recently hosted a high-impact Masterclass on Starting a Digital Business in SA presented by Lebo Gunguluza, Fintech…

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Webinar educates students on career shapeshifting in the workplace

Thabi Nkosi, an agricultural economist, will advise students on how to bring more to the table in their career by being flexible and adaptable. Private higher education institution, MANCOSA, is hosting virtual monthly soft skills sessions, start-up workshops and a range of speaker series to encourage and inspire students. Prominent leaders from various fields will provide…


Renewal – For South Africa

In spite of the continued presence of the Covid 19 pandemic, including its more recent Omicron variant, 2021 ended with a bang that was prompted by the lifting of the curfew which allowed for some all-night New Year Eve’s frolicking and partying. One would be forgiven for believing that, with this kind of start, 2022…

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MANCOSA launches Centre for Innovation for holistic education

MANCOSA staff and students at the launch of the Centre for Innovation (CFI) which will pursue projects that enhance value to students and help build the institution’s competitive positioning Professor Magnate Ntombela, Principal of MANCOSA, involved in a team building activity called “The Big Picture”, to encourage collaboration, thinking and innovation in the hub A…

supply chain management trends

Discover SCM trends with Supply Chain Management short courses

Supply chains exist in a world that is constantly changing and evolving – from rapid advancements in technology and communication systems to managing disruptions, it can be seen that the key to not just remaining competitive, but indeed, surviving, is to develop resilient supply chains. This article explores the current Supply Chain Management (SCM) trends…

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MANCOSA masterclass series: Developing entrepreneurs

Private higher education institution, MANCOSA will be hosting a virtual series of masterclasses designed to rapidly upskill participants. One will be able to grasp the ins and outs of becoming an entrepreneur through these informative sessions. The SkillME platform leverages the collaborative intelligence of the Honoris United Universities network to offer students online short learning programmes aimed at improving…