Jun 2020 - MANCOSA

Month: Jun 2020

Community Engagement

Ma Gcina’s new batch of video stories carries message of compassion

The overwhelming response to the edutainment storytelling by Africa’s legendary narrator Gcina Mhlope will see five more stories to keep children entertained – this time with video accompanying the audio. With the first batch of stories, Mhlope kept children – and even adults – rivetted for 10 days with a daily five-minute online story. Private…

Community Engagement

Panel of experts will answer questions from small business owners

A panel of experts have been lined up to answer questions from small business owners who have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown. Private higher education institution MANCOSA which has a long legacy as a business school of repute, harnessed the support of subject matter specialists to provide free expert advice on a range…


Care e-book to help youth cope with Covid-19 Lockdown

Honoris United Universities, whose subsidiaries in SA include higher education institution REGENT Business School and MANCOSA, has in conjunction with the Moroccan charity Sourire de Reda, which works to alleviate the silent pain of young people, published “My Care”, a guide to help the youth deal with confinement during the lockdown. The digital booklet aims…