Sep 30, 2015 - MANCOSA

Day: Sep 30, 2015


Petrol Price – Ups and Downs

The Ups and downs of the petrol price The Department of Energy has announced that the petrol price will fall on the 2 September. We can now expect the price of petrol (both 93 and 95) to decrease by 69c/litre, diesel (0.05 percent sulphur) will decrease by 54c/litre, and diesel (0.005 percent sulphur) will decrease…

Eskom in the spot-light

South Africans have come to love to hate Eskom. We have all experienced load-shedding in recent times. This has become a major problem for house-holds and a serious financial blow to businesses. We have experienced almost a month without load shedding. “Bar unforeseen events, there should also be no further load shedding until May next…

Weak Rand means a Weak SA

The Rand Tumble 1. Continued ripples of World financial crisis 2. Greece stress the fate of Europe 3. China has a slow-down in demand for goods 4. Bad China data 5. Asian Stock Markets sell off 6. Commodity prices start to drop 7. World Markets drop 8. Emerging Country Stock Markets tumble 9. Currencies falter…

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