Apr 2014 - MANCOSA

Month: Apr 2014

Entrepreneurship support systems failing youth entrepreneurs

A study examining support structures relevant to youth entrepreneurship in the Ekurhuleni Metro in Gauteng has revealed that the system is a dismal failure to youth entrepreneurs and instead impedes their entrepreneurial aspirations. Mr Stebby Mutobola, an academic at the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) and Mr Sifiso Khumalo a Clinical Programme Manager at…

Job satisfaction and staff motivation imperative for organisational success

The job satisfaction of staff and their motivation to work efficiently is essential for organisations to achieve and sustain themselves if they want to remain competitive and produce products of value. This emerged out of research undertaken by academics at the Management College of Southern Africa. Ms Vartikka Indermun, an academic in Human Resource Management…


Learning Centre Excursion

MANCOSA’s second and final year Supply Chain Management students recently visited the Durban offices of the multinational company, the Expeditors Group. Students caught a glimpse of the logistics behind the movement of goods from a warehouse to both local and international destinations. The excursion added a practical dimension to the theoretical knowledge that students have…