Today South Africa is faced with daunting environmental challenges such as pollution, land degradation habitat loss, high carbon emissions, protecting plant species and safeguarding natural resources. Leading local corporations are taking decisive steps to meet their environmental obligations. They do this in the knowledge that Climate Change management is a ‘key driver ‘of business sustainability. They are also aware that Climate Change issues will feature more prominently on the business agenda in the future.

The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) in partnership with HRCarbon, a leading Canadian-based Enterprise Human Resource Carbon Management company, have developed a series of short courses to respond to the imperatives of Climate Change and Corporate Carbon Management.  

The courses are designed to make organisations aware of their environmental obligations and promote good business practices to mitigate Climate Change.  The first programme we are offering is the Programme in Climate Change & Corporate Carbon Management over 5 days. This programme is a combination of the Course in Climate Change Management and the Course in Corporate Carbon Management which is enclosed. In other words, we have combined 2 courses for the price of one.

Courses in Climate Change
& Corporate Carbon Management (5 Days) 

MANCOSA in partnership with HRCarbon, a leading Canadian Enterprise Human Resource Carbon Management Company, brings to South Africa a Programme in Climate change and Corporate Carbon Management.

Focus Areas:

  • The Kyoto Protocol.
  • The Carbon Disclosure Mechanism (CDM),
  • Carbon markets and offsets.
  • Corporate sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • Marketing climate change opportunities and green consumers.
  • Green House Gas (GHG) issues.
  • Evaluating carbon emissions.
  • Developing a Carbon of GHG enterprise management plan.
  • Managing enterprise carbon issues.
  • Reporting on Carbon mitigation plans.


The programme is “application-driven” and “practitioner-led” involving discussion, critical analysis and problem-solving of complex climate change, sustainability and carbon issues.






30th July To 3rd August 2012

30th July To 3rd August 2012

30th July To 3rd August 2012


The cost of the programme is R13995 over 5 days.  Corporate discounts are available for three or more participants from the same organisation.  Fees include tuition,

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