The Business Development Department offers a range of management consulting, research and executive management education services to private and public sector organisations across the African continent through:

  • Utilising highly qualified and experienced academics, researchers and other expert practitioners.
  • Offering high quality intellectual resources supported by an infrastructural network that straddles sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.
  • Bringing relevant knowledge, approaches and practical experience to clients.
  • Meeting client expectations in terms of quality, outcomes, cost, and completion time.

MANCOSA Business Development provides the following management consulting services:
  • Business Strategy: Crafting and implementing strategy that develops and enhances value in an organisation.
  • Human Resources: Designing human resource systems, policies and procedures to maximise employee performance.
  • Business Processing: Engineering business systems and processes to increase productivity.
  • Industry Value-Chain Analysis: Value chain mapping, cost analysis and benchmarking to improve industry and organisational competitiveness.
  • Organisational Development: Enabling change and development to improve organisational performance.
  • Policy Analysis and Development: Analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of different policy options.
  • Training Programmes: Provide customised training programmes to enhance workforce skills.

MANCOSA Business Development provides the following research services:

  • Labour Market Research: Conduct labour market research for government, industry, employer and labour organisations.
  • Political Economic Social Technological Environmental and Legal  (PESTEL) and SWOT analysis: Undertake environmental scans, SWOT and firm-level studies.
  • Impact Assessment: Conduct feasibility studies and impact assessment.
  • Skills Audits: Skills profiling of workforce.
  • Market Research: Undertake market research.
  • Foresight Studies: Scenario planning.
  • Occupation Specific Studies: Research key occupations that add value to a sector.
  • Tracer Studies: Undertake longitudinal studies to determine return on training investments.

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