Workshop Queries:

Q: Is it compulsory for students to attend workshops?

A: No, the workshop does, however, provide insight and meaning into specific modules and provides detailed guidelines for the preparation of assignments and examinations.

Q: After a workshop a “Student committee meeting” is scheduled. What does this entail?

A: It provides student perspectives and information that MANCOSA should consider about enriching programmes and support structures, even further.

Q: Do students receive any notification informing them that a workshop will be taking place?

A: Workshop information is indicated in the Handbooks and on the mymancosa website. MANCOSA is in the process of establishing SMS and e-mail information services.
Exam Queries:

Q: When will results be released?

A: The date will be posted on the website and it will also be stated in the exam guidelines which are sent out a month before the commencement of exams, via post.

Q: How much does a re-mark cost?

A: R 250

Q: What is an aegrotat?

A: It is a special examination scheduled for students who missed a final exam due to valid unforeseen circumstances.

Q: What do I do if I fail the aegrotat examination?

A: If you have failed or missed the final exam, and written the supplementary/aegrotat exam and failed once more, you will be required to re-register.

Q: When exam results are ready, how do I retrieve them?

A: You can phone MANCOSA directly or visit the website to access your results.
Registry Queries:

Q: I have changed my telephone number. Who do I contact to update my details?

A: Kindly contact registry – Telephone: 031 300 7200 or e-mail: registry@mancosa.co.za

Q: How do I apply for a student card?

A: Student cards are provided with student packs. However, should you not receive a student card, you must contact registry.

Q: Do I need to register for my dissertation?

A: Yes.
Tutor Queries:

Q: If I have a query about a particular subject who do I contact?

A: MANCOSA has an academic faculty with individuals that specialise in particular modules. You can contact these academics directly on 031 300 7200 or use the dedicated subject e-mail address listed in the Course Handbook.
Re-reg Queries:

Q: What is a deferral?

A: It is the postponement of studies in a particular semester for the following semester.

Q: I would like to defer my studies. How do I do this?

A: Contact the Re-registration department on 031 300 7200, or e-mail rereg@mancosa.co.za
Administration Queries:

Q: How do students contact other students?

A: Details of students are exchanged during workshops.

Q: Does MANCOSA provide a student contact list?

A: A list of students in a particular region for particular programmes can be made available upon request.
Assignment Queries:

Q: How important is it to form study groups?

A: MANCOSA encourages students to form study groups. The advantages that study groups serve are: sharing of experiences and ideas, support and encouragement.

Q: What is MANCOSA’s stand on plagiarism?

A: MANCOSA deals with plagiarism, especially at postgraduate level, severely and students are penalised for such practices. MANCOSA has plagiarism software that can detect offenders.

Q: What constitutes plagiarism?

A: It is a piece of written work or and idea that somebody has copied and claimed as his/her own work.

Q: How can I send my assignments to MANCOSA?

A: One of three ways:
a. Post
b. Courier
c. E-mail
* Check handbook for address.
IT Queries:

Q: How do I access “My Mancosa?”

A: Step 1: Log on to mymancosa (www.mymancosa.com).
Step 2: Type in your student number and password (initially your student number can be used as the password until reset).
Step 3: Use the student portal for required services.
Finance Queries:

Q: What are the different methods of payment?

1. Direct deposit into the MANCOSA account
2. EFT into the MANCOSA account
3. Cheques or Drafts made out to MANCOSA
4. Debit Order
5. Credit Card
6. Pay at our Durban or Johannesburg office
7. Credit card facilities available at the Durban Office ONLY

Q: What are your banking details?

Name of Account: MANCOSA
Account Number: 052615723
Branch Code: 043826
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Name of Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 4068456934
Branch Code: 634926
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Q: How long does it take to process a refund?

A: 30 Days after receipt of the refund form.

Q: What reference should appear on my deposit slip?

A: Your student number, name and surname

Q: To what number should I fax my proof of payment?

A: +27 31 300 7298

Q: I have paid all my fees. How do I get financial clearance from MANCOSA?

A: Kindly contact the Finance department on 031 300 7200 or e-mail finance@mancosa.co.za

Q: I have a large outstanding balance. Can I continue studying?

A: Yes. You can continue with the programme by attending workshops and examinations. Examination results, however, will not be released until the balance has been paid.
General Queries:

Q: What does the MANCOSA latin logo mean?

A: Libertas Discere means “Free to Learn”.

Q: I sent a query to MANCOSA but I have received no response. Who do I contact for assistance?

A: Administration queries: 031 300 7200 or e-mail sss@mancosa.co.za Academic queries: 031 300 7200 or e-mail aim@mancosa.co.za

Q: Is MANCOSA accredited with the Department of Education/South African Qualifications Authority?

A: Yes, MANCOSA is accredited with both the Department of Education and South African Qualifications Authority (Registration no. 2000/HE07/003).

Q: How old is MANCOSA?

A: 15 years.

Q: Why are there no Saturday or full time lectures?

A: MANCOSA is a distance-learning institution that does provide workshops over weekends.