Forward-thinking organisations understand that the integration of world economies into a single global village will continue to influence their quest to survive and thrive. At a strategic level, organisations from every sector of the economy are exposed to an increasingly intricate tapestry of political, economic, social and technological complexities.These complexities are compounded by an explosion of knowledge. Navigating through the “knowledge” economy has many implications for education, training, and practice in various disciplines and professions.

In order to effectively compete and succeed in today’s hyper-competitive markets, professionals are required to possess a unique set of non-static skills. Mancosa [GSB]’s Executive Education offers innovative insights and professional training to nurture the talent that is required by organisations to get ahead. The skills and new perspectives that are imparted to participants enable them to upgrade their knowledge and practice their profession at an expert level. As an experienced service provider, Mancosa [GSB] Executive Education consults with a multitude of local and regional organisations to meet their training requirements via collaborative learning partnerships. In-depth discussions and a comprehensive needs assessment ensures that each programme is customised to the organisation’s unique direction and strategy. Each programme is anchored on specialist research and is an infusion of highly actionable insights, methodologies and strategies that empower participants to be architects of growth and a source of competitive advantage within their organisations. Programmes are delivered by specialists and experts in their chosen areas.

In addition, the client-centric approach that is adopted by Mancosa [GSB] Executive Education guarantees that all programmes can be flexibly structured and facilitated according to individual clients’ needs. We look forward to engaging with you to determine your unique training needs and we are confident that we will be able to assist you in nurturing a highly educated and capable work force that is responsive to changing global dynamics.

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