Programme Code: SAQA-96712– NQF level 6 – Credits 120

The Advanced Certificate in Management Studies [AdvCert (Management Studies)] is a one-year programme aimed at providing students with an overview of key management philosophies and practices. It offers students the opportunity to build a strong foundation in management education.

This programme provides a comprehensive view of contemporary management practice in both the public and private sectors.

The programme provides background knowledge to allow junior and middle managers to pursue senior management positions within their organisations. This programme will allow students to apply theories to practice and students will be well placed to pursue further studies.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate high level knowledge in the functional areas of business.
  • Apply management principles in a work-based context.
  • Anticipate and analyse trends in the business environment.
  • Display competence in interpreting and analysing financial statements.
  • Utilise skills to formulate business plans and make sound business decisions.
  • Make sound management decisions based upon planning and examination of appropriate alternatives.
  • Integrate theory and application from the various functional areas in an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem solving contexts do not exist in isolation, and by acknowledging their responsibilities to those in the local and broader community.

Duration: 1 year

Year Semester Description
1 1 Principles of Management
Information Systems
2 Microeconomics
Business Statistics

  • The minimum entry requirement is a Higher Certificate in the appropriate field; or
  • An equivalent NQF level 5 qualification.