PG Diploma in Project Management (PGPM)
The MANCOSA PGPM programme aims to develop the versatility of professionals enabling them to occupy management roles effectively, and enhance their knowledge and skills in order to be able to execute projects within time and budget constraints, as well as engage with research effectively. Students can develop theoretical, conceptual, and practical understanding of project management, and apply relevant methodologies to meet organisational objectives.
  • Recognise the pivotal role which project management plays in effectively and efficiently managing organisations.
  • Conceptualise and implement all of the processes involved in planning and implementing a project.
  • Assess the potential impact of the project on the environment and the environment on the project and understand the need to achieve harmony.
  • Discuss systems theory and design and implement project control systems for all resource types and all project objectives.
  • Introduce project management within a participatory framework.
  • Consider the issues of project risk analysis and the management of project risks.
  • Consider advanced procurement options, including the principles underlying the concept of partnering and public/private project funding arrangements.
  • Develop systems thinking and its potential application in the project environment.
  • Consider systematic principles of organisational design.
  • Utilise technology in planning, analysing and coordinating projects.
  • Acknowledge the effective way in which management through projects and programmes enables the organisation to cope with change in its internal and external environments.
  • Utilise project management as the ideal tool for linking corporate strategy, marketing strategy and operations strategy, through a systems approach, to achieve organisational objectives.
  • Manage a project efficiently, effectively and optimally.
Semester One
  • Principles of Project Management
  • Project Management Leadership
  • Project Scope and Time Management
  • Project Financial Management
Semester Two
  • Project Communication and Risk Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Resource and Integration Management
  • Project Applied Technology
  • 3 year recognised Bachelors degree or
  • National Diploma or
  • Any equivalent NQF 6 qualification and
  • Have at least 3 years appropriate experience