Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The MANCOSA MBA is an internationally recognised postgraduate academic programme and, one of the most highly recognised in Southern Africa. With its cutting-edge fully accredited courses and well-developed infrastructure, the MANCOSA MBA programme is designed to provide students with the relevant resources needed, to gain a competitive advantage both locally and internationally. Our MBA has been developed for aspiring individuals within the field of management and business, placing a strong emphasis on business strategy, managerial and business issues as well as conceptual skills. MANCOSA MBA graduates emerge equipped with better analytical and critical decision-making skills, business knowledge, linguistic competence and interpersonal skills required to meet the demands set by the competitiveness of the business world. Upon successful completion of the MBA, students will be able to successfully occupy managerial and leadership positions within their own field of work, start up their own businesses if they so wish to do, and advance their careers.

Current NQF Level: Level 8
New NQF level (pending): Level 9
  • Apply integrative and critical thinking skills in the business environment.
  • Craft and implement business strategies.
  • Anticipate and analyse trends in the business environment.
  • Approach organizational decisions in ethical, legal and socially responsible manner.
  • Operate in dynamic and complex domestic and global organisational environments.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the functional areas of business.
  • Integrate theory and application from various functional areas in an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Contribute to the existing body of knowledge by applying research skills in undertaking research activities.
  • Appreciate the ethical issues associated with research and knowledge production in the discipline.
  • Challenge orthodoxies and redefine existing knowledge, while demonstrating awareness of the nature of knowledge in the field.
  • Have mastered a body of knowledge within each management and business discipline.
  • Have mastered all relevant research techniques, both general and specific in relation to a particular field of study.
  • Be able to make an expert contribution to the conduct of business in a particular area of economic activity.
  • Be equipped to undertake supervised research at doctoral level.
Semester One
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information Systems
Semester Two
  • Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Quantitative Methods
Semester One
  • International Business
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Accounting for Decision Making
Semester Two
  • Managing Strategic Change
  • Managerial Finance
One Elective from:
  • Business and Professional Ethics
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Management Science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Health Care
  • Research Methodology
  • Dissertation
  • A First Degree or National Diploma from a recognised university or an equivalent qualification; or
  • An Honours Degree or Postgraduate Diploma; and
  • Five years working experience, of which two years are in a supervisory/managerial capacity.
It is possible in exceptional circumstances to gain entry to the programme on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). For further information on this alternative admissions route, contact a student consultant at MANCOSA.